2001-12-14 jkeilFix mediaLib compilation problem on solaris.
2001-12-14 jkeilUse $AUDIODEV environment variable as the default audio...
2001-12-14 iivex11control, direct rendering and some minor changes
2001-12-14 gabucinoapplied Panagiotis' patch
2001-12-14 gabucinoapplied Nick's patch
2001-12-14 gabucino-sid works now
2001-12-14 nickTuned some values:
2001-12-13 steveadd missing newline in warning message
2001-12-13 steveinclude 7kHz lowpass filter for surround channels,...
2001-12-13 stevecompile remez.c
2001-12-13 steveFIR filter implementation for surround sound lowpass
2001-12-13 stevecode by Jake Janovetz to find FIR filter coefficients...
2001-12-13 alexdone
2001-12-13 alexvcodec_raw added
2001-12-13 pontschofs button bug fix
2001-12-12 pontschofs windows switch fix
2001-12-12 pontschoize ... majd gabu ide irja. ilyen fullscreenben mouse...
2001-12-12 pontschofix black ize
2001-12-12 bertrandApplied the patch from Alban Bedel <> to
2001-12-12 pontschogtk suid bug fix(?)
2001-12-12 nickPreparing to next acceleration level
2001-12-12 alexchanges for vivo audio
2001-12-12 alexhacked audio support to work with acm
2001-12-12 nickTuned some registers
2001-12-12 arpidivx audio sig11 fixed
2001-12-12 jafsimilar to 1.31, Nexus moved, for his request
2001-12-11 arpiavifile sync
2001-12-11 arpiavifile merge
2001-12-11 arpiavifile merge. kabi: indent changes really suxxxx
2001-12-11 gabucinoNexus moved, for his request
2001-12-11 jafsome wishes for mencoder
2001-12-11 jafthis new file is similar to 1.14
2001-12-11 alexxinerama: allow to override xinerama screen_w/screen_h...
2001-12-11 alexadded new-lines to TYPE_PRINT options
2001-12-11 jafsimilar to 1.50, finished
2001-12-11 pontschomf bug fixed.
2001-12-11 alexdo not crash with 3ivx and vivo
2001-12-11 alexdo not fault if Filter_Create failed
2001-12-11 stevelimit get_space return <= MAX_OUTBURST, whilst always...
2001-12-11 bertrandAdded a switch for the ASF streaming protocol. It will...
2001-12-11 bertrandAdded a data field in the streaming_ctrl_t struct,...
2001-12-10 arpiupdated
2001-12-10 arpidshow switched to C version
2001-12-10 jafupdateded to line ~500
2001-12-10 arpifinal cleanup of new_dshow
2001-12-10 arpiupdated for latest dshow api changes
2001-12-10 arpiobsoleted files
2001-12-10 arpiobsoleted files
2001-12-10 jafsimilar to 1.18
2001-12-10 arpiAPI changes - now fully compatible with C++ version
2001-12-10 jafhopefully similar to 1.30
2001-12-10 arpichanged for updated DShow wrapper api
2001-12-10 arpiSetThreadAffinityMask added, req. for vivo audio
2001-12-10 arpikernel32 hack for vivo audio
2001-12-10 alexfixed Waveformatheader emu and added vivo1/2 audio...
2001-12-10 gabucinofixes, and some new stuff. sorry forgot :)
2001-12-10 alexadded in/out format debug to acm init like in vfw init...
2001-12-10 alexadded 'cpuflags mmx' for mmx optimized codecs
2001-12-10 alexsupport in dbgprintf for mp_msg (mplayer only)
2001-12-10 alexadded new prototypes from win32.c
2001-12-10 atmos4Patch by artur Zaprzala:
2001-12-10 atmos4MP1E configure patch by D. Holm.
2001-12-10 michaelyuy2 in C color bugfix patch from Artur Zaprzala <artur...
2001-12-10 plmencoder was still being built (unsucessfully) if mp3la...
2001-12-10 arpiupdates at decoders
2001-12-10 bertrandAdded the connect2Server prototype.
2001-12-10 arpig72x enabled
2001-12-10 arpig72x support
2001-12-10 arpicompiling g72x
2001-12-10 bertrandMoved the network related include files from network...
2001-12-10 gabucinobtw, post-happy "santa claus" to all ;)
2001-12-10 arpiGUI_LIBS -> GTK_LIBS
2001-12-10 arpicleanup? libs reordered. some more bugs. 10l won't...
2001-12-10 stevesplit surround delay buf into Ls and Rs in prep for...
2001-12-09 jafI'm missing a file ...
2001-12-09 jafnot ready (sorry), I've to finish beginning at line...
2001-12-09 atmos4Remove annoying debug printf.
2001-12-09 jafdon't forget this ;-)
2001-12-09 arpidone :)
2001-12-09 arpia52 added
2001-12-09 arpi-ac a52 implemented
2001-12-09 arpiresample.c added - float->int conversion and channel...
2001-12-09 alex10l
2001-12-09 stevestill fiddling with surround levels
2001-12-09 alexaudio/video_family synced
2001-12-09 alexenabled validate_codec with some restrictions
2001-12-09 arpi10l?
2001-12-09 arpicompiling and linking liba52 too
2001-12-09 alexupdated for avifile compilance
2001-12-09 alexupdated cpudetection
2001-12-09 alexadded cpuStepping to CpuCaps struct (needed win32.c)
2001-12-09 plPatch by Kim Minh Kaplan <>:
2001-12-09 melansoncommitted corrected speed calculation
2001-12-09 arpig72x and a52 added
2001-12-09 alexupdated raw codecs
2001-12-09 alexgive the IMGFMT_ for sh_video->format not 0x0
2001-12-09 alexvfm_raw hack: set outfmt if format != 0x0 (for tv input)
2001-12-09 arpisample program for testing liba52
2001-12-09 arpimplayer-liba52 config interface
2001-12-09 arpiimported from liba52 CVS