2005-01-19 reimarNew suboption type: malloc'ed, zero terminated string
2005-01-19 reimarinitialize modify_ldt struct to 0.
2005-01-19 reimar100l, fix broken AMD64 patch. To whoever applied it...
2005-01-19 reimar100l, completely broken pointer arithmetic causing...
2005-01-18 jheryanSync with 1.859. Some cosmetic appearance changes ignor...
2005-01-18 diegoBinary codecs and Windows section overhauled to reflect...
2005-01-17 diegowording, spelling, small updates
2005-01-17 faust3update
2005-01-17 faust3print the actual commandline to stdout, too
2005-01-17 faust3WAVE_FORMAT_DIRECT seems to cause problems with certain...
2005-01-17 faust3preload quicktime.qts, this allows us to ignore the...
2005-01-17 iiveRevert sh_audio->wf freeing.
2005-01-16 kraymeradded section for x264enc options.
2005-01-16 rtognimpIf asf/tcp fails, asf/http used a wrong port
2005-01-16 gpoirierSync with: 1.859
2005-01-16 reimardetect and use the codecs paths instead of win32.
2005-01-16 kraymeradded video encoding options for nuppel video (nuvopts)
2005-01-16 kraymerGood news everyone! I finally managed to sync all lavce...
2005-01-16 kraymersome minor formatting changes
2005-01-16 kraymersynced (wording, formatting) the following lavc options...
2005-01-16 gabrovsynced with 1.55
2005-01-16 kraymersynced (wording, formatting) the following lavc options...
2005-01-16 kraymersynced (wording, formatting) the following lavc options...
2005-01-16 mosuMore support for AVC in Matroska.
2005-01-16 kraymersynced (wording, formatting) the following lavc options...
2005-01-16 reimarset sub_utf8 only when actually using mkv subtitles...
2005-01-16 kraymersync:
2005-01-16 kraymersynced (wording, formatting) the following lavc options...
2005-01-16 paszczisync
2005-01-16 paszczisynced with 1.156
2005-01-15 ivoReplaced suboption parser by call to suboption helper.
2005-01-15 paszczisync
2005-01-15 ivo1l. parser can work with pnm_maxfiles directly
2005-01-15 paszczisynced with 1.858
2005-01-15 ivoTransition of suboption parser to subopt-helper parser.
2005-01-15 faust3print why waveOutOpen failed
2005-01-15 reimarMove generic length and percent pos calculation to...
2005-01-15 reimarmms-over-http related fixes by me
2005-01-15 reimarAdd missing escaping for "
2005-01-15 rtognimpUpdate
2005-01-15 rtognimpDecode MP3 in rm files
2005-01-15 diegoCodec packages now have different names, try to be...
2005-01-14 reimarAdd missing \ in multiline define.
2005-01-14 gpoirierSync with 1.858:
2005-01-14 attila10l
2005-01-14 diegodisambiguate wording of -aspect
2005-01-14 diegoicc support by Darek Ostolski <ostolski at kwantum...
2005-01-13 reimarset ss_mul to number of channels. Works with all sample...
2005-01-13 reimar100l, no endian conversion on floats!
2005-01-13 mosuDo not access word-sized elements on potentially unalig...
2005-01-13 lorenmmore on H.264's quantization parameter
2005-01-13 wight\- instead of -
2005-01-13 gpoirierSync with 1.855: Force linebreak.
2005-01-13 diegoForce linebreak.
2005-01-13 gpoirierSync with 1.854: better vf_lavcdeint description
2005-01-13 gabrovsynced to 1.54
2005-01-13 diegobetter vf_lavcdeint description
2005-01-12 gpoirierCumulative sync with 1.853: (NB: new CVS log...
2005-01-12 reimaractually mp_msg.h includes config.h, but for consistenc...
2005-01-12 reimaraf_format.h needs config.h to be included first.
2005-01-12 reimarensure null-termination after snprintf
2005-01-12 nicodvbautomatic fps calculation for mpeg4 in raw stream/mpeg-ts
2005-01-12 gabrovsynced to 1.156
2005-01-12 gabrovsynced to 1.28
2005-01-12 jheryanSync. Long lines' shortening.
2005-01-12 gabrovsynced to 1.76
2005-01-12 jheryanFormat correction in microdvdsub section.
2005-01-12 michaelHere is an updated draft with the bits discussed previo...
2005-01-12 jheryanSync.
2005-01-12 attilasun grep doesn't like binary files, thus the compiled...
2005-01-12 lorenmsync to x264 r93:
2005-01-12 jheryanBugfix and improve microdvd conversion and bugfix section.
2005-01-11 gpoirierSync with 1.850:
2005-01-11 gpoirierSync with 1.848 (and 1.847): more detail on x264's...
2005-01-11 diegoupdates
2005-01-11 diegoTranslation section created, small additions and fixes.
2005-01-11 diegoman page review part XIII
2005-01-11 reimarCall subcp_close when closing the demuxer
2005-01-11 reimarfree http field_name to fix memleak
2005-01-11 dannySynced with 1.842, trailing spaces
2005-01-11 mosuSupport for AVC in Matroska.
2005-01-10 paszczisync
2005-01-10 paszczisynced with 1.851
2005-01-10 aurelassume OS support SSE on x86_64
2005-01-10 kraymersynced (wording, formatting) the following lavc options...
2005-01-10 kraymertypos :(
2005-01-10 kraymer1.851: Implementation of vo_png suboption parser with...
2005-01-10 ivoImplementation of vo_png suboption parser with subopt...
2005-01-10 kraymer1.849: documentation for ao dsound
2005-01-10 wightIgnore autogenerated file
2005-01-10 jheryanSync with 1.156
2005-01-10 jheryanSync with 1.846, remove trailing spaces, minor bugfix.
2005-01-10 jheryanRemove autogenerated.
2005-01-10 jheryanMinor bugfix, autogenerated file remove.
2005-01-10 diegoRemove audio output driver table, it's incomplete,...
2005-01-10 diegoTypo, remove mention of audio plugins.
2005-01-10 diegoMove audio filters section up one hierarchy level.
2005-01-10 diegoAudio plugins have been removed.
2005-01-09 diegotypo
2005-01-09 paszczisynced