2005-07-10 reimarmusepack demuxing and decoding support (demuxing is...
2005-07-10 gpoirierSVCD supports VBR audio and VCD CBR only. Reflects...
2005-07-10 reimarPrint CFLAGS warning last so nobody can miss it.
2005-07-10 gpoirierSync with 1.1029
2005-07-10 rathannsmall warning fix:
2005-07-10 rathann10l to Nico for this copy&paste bug
2005-07-10 rik--Patch by Stefan '1stein' Schuermans <1stein@schuerman...
2005-07-10 reimarvf_pp7 and -af-adv force=1 default
2005-07-10 reimar-af-adv force=1 is now default (and thus also lavcresample)
2005-07-10 reimarAdd missing range/length check for video trak desc...
2005-07-10 reimarcosmetic: split the lschunks function in two.
2005-07-10 nicodvbadded support for vbr audio (frames are parsed individu...
2005-07-10 gabrovincreased sync tag after wording fix in English version
2005-07-09 rtognimpSync fourcc for all mpeg12 codecs
2005-07-09 michaelpp7 filter (spp=6 filter with 7 point dct where only...
2005-07-09 ods15Put periods after (behind?..) parentheses.
2005-07-08 gpoirierLast nit for this entry, by "The Wanderer"
2005-07-08 ods15cosmetics.
2005-07-07 ods15Typos and fixes by The Wanderer
2005-07-07 ods15add 'aspect' and 'round' params to vf_expand.
2005-07-07 ranma-identify variable names should follow [A-Z_][A-Z0...
2005-07-07 gabrovsynced with 1.86
2005-07-07 gabrovsynced with 1.79
2005-07-07 gpoirierFixes fix
2005-07-06 diegoRemove next round of outdated FAQ entries.
2005-07-06 diegotypo
2005-07-06 rtognimpRevert fix v1.3, it breaks streams with cook audio...
2005-07-06 gpoirierFixes suggested by Diego
2005-07-06 rtognimpDo some sanity checks before writing stream information
2005-07-06 gabrovsynced with 1.76
2005-07-06 gabrovsynced with 1.85
2005-07-06 reimarmake more patch-friendly
2005-07-06 gpoirierDocumentation for VCD/SVCD/DVD encoding, patch by Brend...
2005-07-06 gpoirierMore fixes by Jeff, Diego, and Andrew
2005-07-06 gpoirierFew fixes and suggestions by Jeff and Diego
2005-07-05 gpoirierMore options documented in XviD encoding guide
2005-07-05 gpoirierSuggestions and fixes by The Wanderer and Rich
2005-07-05 gpoirierNew FAQ entry: Explain why libavcodec now sets FMP4...
2005-07-05 faust3radeon x300 support patch by Christophe Preaud <cpreaud...
2005-07-05 iivehardcode SYNC flag, so no problems could rise if first...
2005-07-04 gabrovinitial translation, synced with 1.12
2005-07-04 gabrovsynced with 1.73
2005-07-04 gabrovsynced with 1.69
2005-07-04 gpoirierUpdate of the x264 encoding guide:
2005-07-03 wightsync 1.1026
2005-07-03 wightRemove duplicate messages
2005-07-03 nicodvbdon't read past the end of the selected track
2005-07-03 gabrovsynced with 1.172
2005-07-03 gabrovfix missing tag
2005-07-03 nplourderesize video after keep aspect menu item toggle
2005-07-03 gabrovsynced with 1.82
2005-07-03 gabrovsynced with 1.81
2005-07-03 gabrovsynced with 1.17
2005-07-03 alexconsistency/tcc support patch by Oded Shimon
2005-07-03 gabrovsynced with 1.66
2005-07-03 gabrovsynced with 1.68
2005-07-03 nplourdefix various window resizing bug with menu option
2005-07-03 diegoRemove obsolete/outdated entries.
2005-07-03 alexsome updates
2005-07-03 alexunneeded
2005-07-03 alexQUERY_FORMAT support
2005-07-03 alex1l
2005-07-03 alexnon working, hence status 'buggy'
2005-07-03 reimarDo not count skipped/broken frames when using -frames
2005-07-02 diegoMandrake --> Mandriva name change
2005-07-02 gpoirierSync with 1.1026
2005-07-02 nplourdemore fullscreen behaviour fix for mouse cursor
2005-07-02 ranmaOnly dump to stdout
2005-07-02 ranmaavisubdump
2005-07-02 ranmaAdd missing escapes, this should now cover all shell...
2005-07-02 ranmaCheck for WAVEFORMAT.wFormatTag overflows and allow...
2005-07-02 ranmaavi vobsub soft subtitle dumper
2005-07-02 ranmaavi subtitle stream dumper
2005-07-02 nplourdeproperly redraw fullscreen window with -fs and zoom
2005-07-02 gabrovincreased sync tag, synced with 1.67 (typo fix in Engli...
2005-07-02 gabrovsynced with 1.15
2005-07-01 nplourdefix fullscreen menubar item behaviour
2005-07-01 nplourdeauto hide menubar and cursor in fullscreen
2005-07-01 aureldrop annoying debug messages from libdvdread
2005-07-01 diegoSlightly restructured, mention more tools, small fixes...
2005-07-01 henrylibdvdread 0.9.4
2005-07-01 henryincrement libdvdread version
2005-07-01 henryadd missing files from libdvdread 0.9.4
2005-06-30 aurelupdate mplayer specific libdvdread diff to match v0.9.4
2005-06-30 aurelupdate libdvdread to v0.9.4
2005-06-30 aurelBe more patch-friendly
2005-06-30 diegotypo
2005-06-30 gpoirierSmall fix
2005-06-30 aureladd hdv2 fourcc to MPEG2 codecs (used by new Sony HD...
2005-06-30 ranmaSolaris sed needs the terminating '}' to be on a separa...
2005-06-30 reimaravoid hang when playing more than one file
2005-06-30 gpoirierSync with 1.1025
2005-06-30 iiveadd vo_xv_enable_vsync() to xvmc
2005-06-30 reimarMissing part of the last commit (got merged in on cvs...
2005-06-30 reimaradded forgotten xv_enable_vsync
2005-06-30 reimarsimplify osd-status display, and allow e.g. osd -2...
2005-06-30 diegoMake the OSD display state information when cycling...
2005-06-30 diegoone more nick
2005-06-30 diegotypo
2005-06-30 diegoMention -vobsubid more explicitly, JACK seems to use...