2004-08-07 reimarcompilation fix for test program
2004-08-05 mosuLeftover from the old Matroska demuxer detection removed.
2004-08-05 diegolanguage handling simplification
2004-08-05 diegoIgnore some more generated files.
2004-08-05 diegoMakefile replacement for compile script
2004-08-05 diegosync with recent changes
2004-08-05 diegoSome explanation what the tool is good for added.
2004-08-05 diegoADTS AAC support
2004-08-04 mosuRemoved the old Matroska demuxer.
2004-08-04 diegofibmap_mplayer is long obsolete, noticed by Torinthiel.
2004-08-04 wightlibosdep directory does not exist. osdep does.
2004-08-04 wightAnd a tiny compile fix.
2004-08-04 wightNative darwin timer update.
2004-08-04 wightmissed word
2004-08-04 wightsync with 1.12
2004-08-04 wightsync with 1.10
2004-08-04 wightsync
2004-08-04 wightsync missing \
2004-08-04 reimarmissing \ before -rawaudio
2004-08-03 wightSync, some spelling and copy/paste issues.
2004-08-03 diegocredits for Ismail Dönmez
2004-08-03 faust3avoid outoptimization of static variables patch by...
2004-08-03 diegoeven better -vo md5 description
2004-08-03 diegosync by Philippe De Swert <>
2004-08-03 alCorrected my mistake in the last memfix patch.
2004-08-03 diegoThis fbset version is outdated and it is generally...
2004-08-03 diegoMoved to the TOOLS directory.
2004-08-03 diegoThis alternative Debian directory was never used, so...
2004-08-02 reimarHint how to decode raw AC3
2004-08-02 henrysummary of the MPlayer specific libmpeg2 changes
2004-08-02 reimarapplied old patch that was missing an include...
2004-08-02 henryforgotten libmpeg2 postprocessing
2004-08-02 diegoBetter documentation for -vo md5.
2004-08-02 diego-cache-min, -cache-prefill documented.
2004-08-02 henryImporting libmpeg2 from mpeg2dec-0.4.0b
2004-08-02 dannySynced with 1.630, some typo from 1.624
2004-08-02 henrymissing guess_cp declaration (patch by Ismail Dönmez)
2004-08-02 atmos4Preliminary Support for building MPlayer with Intel...
2004-08-02 atmos4ICC 8.0 compilation fixes
2004-08-01 reimarsupport for passing mouse events on to MPlayer
2004-08-01 faust310l query format at least when used with vidix, disable...
2004-07-31 diego10l to the author of this longstanding and obscure...
2004-07-31 reimar100l, fixes DXR3 compile problems caused by my last...
2004-07-31 diegocosmetic warning fix (missing newline at end of file)
2004-07-31 lumagsync
2004-07-31 faust3mingw stdin fixes
2004-07-30 diegoRemoved long obsolete files.
2004-07-30 reimarUse = instead if # in ALSA device name, as # irritates...
2004-07-30 reimarunified audio options dialog, fixes also bug #40
2004-07-30 diegoRemove obsolete entries, patch by VMiklos <mamajom...
2004-07-30 diegoThese files are long obsolete.
2004-07-30 lumagRemove leftover references to libmpflac/ad_flac
2004-07-29 diegoObsolete now that the docs are XML.
2004-07-29 reimarsupport for 24 bit audio
2004-07-29 nplourdeadd var vo_rootwin and -rootwin switch for mac osx
2004-07-29 diegocompilation fixes from Gentoo by Chris White <webmaster...
2004-07-28 reimar10l, FILE is defined in stdio.h
2004-07-28 reimarfixes a crash and unchecked string-handling in ENCA...
2004-07-28 reimarautomatic loading of af_volume, original patch by Dan...
2004-07-28 paszcziadded missing 'synced with'
2004-07-28 lumagSync
2004-07-28 diegoWe're long past 0.90.
2004-07-28 diegotypos
2004-07-28 diegoWe support more than just DivX 5.01.
2004-07-27 arpiff-snow added
2004-07-27 diegoFabian's nick
2004-07-26 diegoWording/spelling suggestions by the Wanderer, merged...
2004-07-26 iiveprevent segfault on shmem failer
2004-07-26 diegoExplain how to handle big patches and why uploading...
2004-07-25 nauj27More sync
2004-07-25 rtognimpFix -nosound and -novideo (bug #28)
2004-07-25 reimarremoved saver_on, saver_off calls, they are already...
2004-07-25 rtognimpFix segfault caused by changing a pointer that will...
2004-07-25 rathannfix segfault when loading subtitles (idea by pl)
2004-07-24 nauj27almost sync
2004-07-23 aladded src level documentation for the get_path() function
2004-07-23 alfalse-use-of-get_path() memleak fixes.
2004-07-23 nplourderemoved ref to extern WinID
2004-07-23 nplourdeadd support for -rootwin command
2004-07-23 nplourdeadd rootwin cmd to mac osx
2004-07-22 nplourdelisten for key repeats, patch by Dan Christiansen
2004-07-22 reimarfix for people experimenting with GUI under windows
2004-07-22 paszczitypo
2004-07-22 paszczisync
2004-07-21 rathannupdate RedHat RPM sites in doc translations
2004-07-21 rathannupdate RPM site location in docs
2004-07-21 diegonroff bugs fixed.
2004-07-21 alexreduced code complexity, and also made consistent with...
2004-07-21 alexremoving broken and unneeded copy
2004-07-21 alexskip ecc only if present, patch by Alexis Durelle ...
2004-07-20 diegounmaintained, outdated, unnecessary, removed
2004-07-20 diegoreorganized, reformatted, explanation improved, typos...
2004-07-20 diegoFix typos and better explanatory text.
2004-07-20 diegoPatches should get an answer.
2004-07-20 diego0.18 was never released and a few dates added.
2004-07-20 michaelmencoder psnr segfaults on readonly fs patch by (Fabio...
2004-07-20 paszczisynced with 1.121
2004-07-20 paszczisynced with 1.629
2004-07-20 paszczisync
2004-07-20 attila-adapters only works with directx