2004-04-17 reimarvo_gl suboption doc improved
2004-04-17 diegoless verbosity + printf --> mp_msg
2004-04-17 diegoPatches should not be compressed.
2004-04-17 diegoupdates
2004-04-17 diego-vo caca documentation, patch by Pigeon <pigeon@pigeond...
2004-04-16 diegolol, that sure deserves some Cola
2004-04-16 michaelOS/X localtime_r multiply defined patch by ("Steven...
2004-04-15 rtognimp10l to me: writing outside allocated memory
2004-04-15 reimarfixed suboption parsing, added help for suboptions
2004-04-15 diegoAll entries in alphabetical last, first name order...
2004-04-15 henryspecify field mode when setting image height
2004-04-14 michaelmoving f() and u()
2004-04-14 michaeltype 1/2 packets must have MSB timestamps (this is...
2004-04-14 rtognimpFix segfault if EDL is used without video
2004-04-14 rtognimpTry Real rtsp, then on every rtsp stream ...
2004-04-14 paszczisync
2004-04-13 diegoMissing options added to --help output.
2004-04-13 diegoupdates
2004-04-13 diegoNicks added.
2004-04-13 diegoMake caca detection consistent with the others using...
2004-04-13 diegoNicks added.
2004-04-13 diegoOpenGL vo driver suboptions by Reimar and me.
2004-04-13 rtognimpDo not crash on audio only streams
2004-04-13 diego-vo quartz docs by Nicolas Plourde <nicolas.plourde...
2004-04-13 diegoquartz vo, based on patch byNicolas Plourde <nicolas...
2004-04-13 faust3printf -> mp_msg; print error msg when qtmlClient.dll...
2004-04-13 faust3printf -> mp_msg, error msg when qtmlClient.dll is...
2004-04-13 faust3printf -> mp_msg
2004-04-13 faust3ignore mouseclicks when activating the window
2004-04-13 diego-rdynamic is not supported on Win32. Both _xanim and...
2004-04-13 faust3always add versionsinfo and icon on windows
2004-04-13 faust3-rdynamic is not supported on windows
2004-04-13 diegoDVB updates, patch by Nico <>
2004-04-13 diegoDVB update, patch by Nico <>
2004-04-13 diegoSome release dates added, consistent date format.
2004-04-13 diegowin32 macro added to simplify detecting both Cygwin...
2004-04-13 michael(de)coder -> (de)muxer
2004-04-13 diegowhitespace changes (improves changelog mode in vim...
2004-04-13 diegolibmpflac was removed.
2004-04-12 diegoAdd license, remove bogus comment as told by Reza Jelve...
2004-04-12 diegospelling, more wishes
2004-04-12 rtognimpFix vp61 keyframe search (do not skip blocks if 1st...
2004-04-12 faust3libavformat support for windows
2004-04-12 rtognimpSupport AAC in NSV
2004-04-12 rtognimpNSV demuxer author added
2004-04-12 rtognimpnsv (Nullsoft streaming video) demuxer
2004-04-11 michael.mp4 with lavf support
2004-04-11 michaelFLV with lavc+lavf support
2004-04-11 michael4xm with lavf+lavc
2004-04-11 michaelBGR16
2004-04-11 michaellavf ASF support
2004-04-11 faust3forgotten person who added an important feature to...
2004-04-11 michaelseeking
2004-04-11 michaelavoid unneeded stream_reset()
2004-04-11 michaelnicer EOF solution, mpeg-ps works now too
2004-04-11 michaellibavformat really doesnt like it that the streams...
2004-04-11 michaeldemux_lavf
2004-04-09 iivequant_parameter is 2*mpeg1_quant, no problems noticed...
2004-04-09 michaelremove old example stream
2004-04-09 michaelremoving checksum_threshold & keyframe prediction
2004-04-09 nauj271l fix.
2004-04-08 reimarvo_gl supporting more color formats for testing
2004-04-08 nauj27Added <application> missing tags.
2004-04-08 iivecheck for invalid user input
2004-04-07 faust3print at least the error number when there is no text...
2004-04-07 faust3restore original ringbuffer constants as the current...
2004-04-07 paszczitypo
2004-04-07 bertrand'%' is unsafe and need to be escaped.
2004-04-07 faust3update
2004-04-07 faust3round len to outburst and increment full_buffers at...
2004-04-07 michaellanguage_code & fourcc vb->v reversal
2004-04-07 alexsupport for abitrary imaadpcm encoding, ported from...
2004-04-06 faust310l, patch by Bjoern Sandell
2004-04-06 nauj27sync
2004-04-06 faust3support immed flag
2004-04-06 alexuninit immed flag
2004-04-06 alexvo_caca by Howell Tam
2004-04-06 alexSSE support under OpenBSD, patch by Bjorn Sandell
2004-04-06 alexinttypes
2004-04-06 alexaltivec support under netbsd, patch by Matthew Green
2004-04-06 alexnetbsd audio support by Bernd Ernesti
2004-04-06 alexcorrect typeconversion of fps, patches by several ppl
2004-04-06 alexMPL2 subreader, patch by Cezary Jackiewicz (cjackiewicz...
2004-04-06 alex100l and sync with upstream, patch by rgselk
2004-04-06 alexskip {...} parts in SAME subs, patch by Salvatore Falco
2004-04-06 mosuChanged -sid/-aid/-vid to be zero based and select...
2004-04-06 alexsome more globals
2004-04-06 alexremoved obsoleted defs
2004-04-06 alexremoving more globals
2004-04-06 alexfix symbol clashes when linking with libmp3lame includi...
2004-04-06 michaelAltiVec hScale, all size patch by (Romain Dolbeau ...
2004-04-06 alexlibcaca video output driver by Howell Tam
2004-04-05 alexability to disable mp3lib, liba52 and libmpeg2
2004-04-05 alexRemoved mpflac as ffflac is way better and ad_flac...
2004-04-05 rathannadded my nick
2004-04-05 rathannfull screen flipping synchronization corrections (by...
2004-04-05 alexmake gcc happy under hurd
2004-04-05 rathannUnmap window before change in decor and size while...
2004-04-05 alexmorphos support by Nicolas Det
2004-04-05 alexmake gcc eating this under hurd