2008-01-23 diegoMove compare.c to TOOLS, add it to the Makefile and...
2008-01-21 reimarFix typo in comment
2008-01-21 reimarRemove useless casts
2008-01-21 Gabrovsynced with r25826
2008-01-21 diegoSurround variable declarations by preprocessor conditio...
2008-01-21 diegoComment out unused variables, fixes the warnings:
2008-01-20 rtogniPrevent possible buffer overflow on album_title[]
2008-01-20 rtogniClear tmp between ip6 check and string escape to preven...
2008-01-20 diegoFix a ton of illegal identifiers. Identifiers starting...
2008-01-20 cehoyosAdded missing single quotation mark.
2008-01-20 ulionFix compilation failue:
2008-01-20 ulionFix vobsub_seek use same reseek method as vobsub_get_pa...
2008-01-20 ulionFix auto-sub code to support filenames with any extensi...
2008-01-20 rtogniAllow overriding the codec_tag for audio codecs, and...
2008-01-20 reimarFragment programs must use unix eol.
2008-01-20 reimarAvoid some pointer conversion warnings (the code is...
2008-01-20 reimarAdd missing vo_w32_border prototype
2008-01-20 reimarFix some function types from unspecified to empty argum...
2008-01-20 reimarRemove redundant declarations (already in video_out.h)
2008-01-19 iiveExtend the precision of rationale conversion so
2008-01-19 reimar-panscan should also work for right and left borders
2008-01-19 reimarSome reindentation
2008-01-19 reimarReindent
2008-01-19 reimarSimplify and keep terminating end-of-line
2008-01-19 reimarRemove a broken and useless hack to avoid a memcpy
2008-01-19 reimarCached file must be 0-terminated since we use string...
2008-01-19 reimarMake sure we do not write the terminating 0 out of...
2008-01-19 diegoAdd missing #include, fixes the warning:
2008-01-19 diegoUse ld conversion specifier for long int argument,...
2008-01-19 diegoAdd missing #include, fixes the warning:
2008-01-19 reimarFix endless loop if nAvgBytesPerSec is 0.
2008-01-19 reimarAvoid a division by 0 if i_bps is 0.
2008-01-19 reimarFix usage example comment
2008-01-19 reimarFix a coefficient for lscale=5 OpenGL mode
2008-01-19 diegoAdd name to email address.
2008-01-19 reimarAvoid warning:
2008-01-19 reimarFix some types to const
2008-01-19 reimaraudio_out / video_out structs should be treated as...
2008-01-19 reimarFix warning:
2008-01-19 reimarAvoid void* arithmetic
2008-01-19 reimarSimplify and silence lots of warnings
2008-01-19 reimarAdd the edge-enhancement filter based on edgedetect...
2008-01-19 reimarFix using both lscale and cscale 4
2008-01-18 gpoiriersync w/r25786
2008-01-18 reimarAdd a fragment program for 5x5 unsharp masking
2008-01-18 reimarRemove leftover backslash
2008-01-18 reimarSimplify
2008-01-18 reimarUse the same unsharp filter template for 2D and RECT...
2008-01-18 reimarSmall typo in message
2008-01-18 diegoRemove broken test program that likely never worked.
2008-01-17 benoitChange (a == NULL) condition to (!a) and (a != NULL...
2008-01-17 benoitRemove some useless parentheses.
2008-01-17 benoitCosmetics: whitespaces
2008-01-17 benoitRemove non cosmetic spaces inside parentheses.
2008-01-17 benoitDescription: remove superfluous parentheses.
2008-01-17 benoitCheck param in sws_getCachedContext().
2008-01-17 ulionFix code to prevent from accessing queue->packets[...
2008-01-16 reimarFix OpenGL unsharp filter
2008-01-16 diegotypo fix
2008-01-16 diegoVIDIX is no longer a shared library.
2008-01-16 diegoURL updates for contributed win32 stuff.
2008-01-16 diegobetter ao/vo profile examples
2008-01-16 diegomisc markup fixes
2008-01-16 diegomisc spelling fixes
2008-01-15 pttremoved a english part, left in here, sigh
2008-01-15 pttlittle grammar fix
2008-01-15 pttsynced with r25757
2008-01-15 pttadded missing "&"
2008-01-15 pttadded missing escapes
2008-01-15 pttsyncet to r25663
2008-01-15 pttupdated my mail address
2008-01-15 compnadd default deinterlace key
2008-01-15 reimarCreate/allocate conversion textures before scaler textures.
2008-01-15 reimarAdd experimental unsharp-mask OpenGL scaler. Certainly...
2008-01-15 reimarDocument vo gl lscale=3
2008-01-15 reimarAdd a forgotten case to create_scaler_textures, avoids...
2008-01-15 reimarRemove a useless cast
2008-01-14 diegoThe GUI requires font support.
2008-01-14 reimarSeems that all - should be escaped in the man page
2008-01-14 reimarExtend heartbeat-cmd man page entry
2008-01-13 rtogniSimplify/cleanup of real_calc_response_and_checksum()
2008-01-13 rtogniDon't oversize realchallenge buffers
2008-01-13 reimarPut bff_mask into muxer context instead of a global...
2008-01-13 reimarFix the bug where the window would become smaller each...
2008-01-13 reimarMake some radeon vidix driver tables static and const
2008-01-13 reimarMake mp_properties const
2008-01-13 reimarAll the m_property stuff works fine with constant m_opt...
2008-01-13 reimarMake xpm arrays really const (I missed that they are...
2008-01-13 reimarMake all gui xpm bitmaps const
2008-01-13 reimargui_opts should be const for win32 gui as well (why...
2008-01-13 reimarWin32 gui has the same m_option_print error handling bug
2008-01-13 reimarFix 100l: error check for m_option_print was unreachable
2008-01-13 reimarMake big gui_opts array const
2008-01-13 reimarMake several mapping tables related to input processing...
2008-01-13 reimarMark qt default palette tables as const
2008-01-13 reimarMake all demuxer_desc_t const, thus moving them to...
2008-01-13 reimarFirst step towards making all demuxer_desc_t const
2008-01-13 reimarRemove a useless assignment (there is an if just a...
2008-01-13 reimarSimplify cue-parsing
2008-01-13 reimarGet rid of quite useless inum variable