2011-03-29 reimarplaylist option can't be used in a config file.
2011-03-29 reimarAdd dummy shuffle and noshuffle options so they appear...
2011-03-29 ibRemove pointless code and messages.
2011-03-29 ibReplace macro by function.
2011-03-29 ibCosmetic: Adjust indent.
2011-03-29 ibPrevent a segmentation fault.
2011-03-29 ibMake use of return value of strlower().
2011-03-29 ibReplace macros to check whether a command is allowed...
2011-03-29 ibCosmetic: Separate return statement with newline.
2011-03-29 ibMove strlower() into auxiliary string function file.
2011-03-29 ibSimplify trim().
2011-03-28 cehoyosFix CrystalHD autodetection:
2011-03-28 ibSimplify strswap().
2011-03-28 ibMove auxiliary string functions into separate file.
2011-03-28 ibRemove misspelled GUI message 'evEqualeaser'.
2011-03-28 ibMove files with auxiliary functions to own directory.
2011-03-27 cehoyosCosmetics: Fix typo.
2011-03-27 reimarAdd condition that lets us switch FFmpeg XvMC decoder...
2011-03-27 reimarAlways use get_format, reduces usage of CODEC_CAP_HWACC...
2011-03-27 reimarChange | to ||.
2011-03-27 reimarAttempt to fix crashes with VDPAU and threads.
2011-03-27 reimarFix XVMC decoding (avcodec_open would fail if thread_co...
2011-03-27 reimarWarn when audio encoder requires an input format differ...
2011-03-27 cehoyosFFmpeg Bitmap Brothers JV decoder.
2011-03-27 jrashsync with en/mplayer.1 rev. 33107
2011-03-27 jrashSynced with help_mp-en.h rev. 33112
2011-03-26 reimarAdd ugly hack to compensate DVDNAV's ugly hacks and...
2011-03-26 reimarUse fewer () to make code more readable.
2011-03-26 reimarEnsure we always pass a buffer of at least sector size...
2011-03-26 reimarDisable the combination of slices and multithreaded...
2011-03-26 reimarDo not do A-V sync correction if one of the pts values...
2011-03-26 reimarGeneralize previous commit: assume that a 0 frame time...
2011-03-26 reimarFor a stream without pts values time video frames based...
2011-03-26 reimarEnable both frame and slice threading.
2011-03-26 reimarDo not use deprecated avcodec_thread_init, it is broken...
2011-03-25 compncleanup/unify hdv* fourccs, except vdpau
2011-03-25 ibRevise some GUI error message texts.
2011-03-25 ibShow GUI message when GUI must exit.
2011-03-25 ibAdd message showing function.
2011-03-25 ibCosmetic: Rename ERRORMESSAGE() skin_error().
2011-03-25 ibCosmetic: Move supportive stuff at top of file.
2011-03-24 reimarUpdate key-fifo-size documentation, stuck keys should no
2011-03-24 reimarAllow mouse wheel to work with a key fifo size of 2.
2011-03-24 reimarChange condition to avoid needless key state resets...
2011-03-24 reimarMake "stuck keys" problem impossibly by resetting the...
2011-03-24 reimarRemove debug printfs that haven't been used since ages.
2011-03-24 reimarRemove pointless initializers.
2011-03-24 reimarChange fifo to not waste one entry needlessly.
2011-03-24 reimarMore const preservation.
2011-03-24 reimarDo not pointlessly cast away a const.
2011-03-23 cehoyosSupport E-AC3 in deprecated native matroska demuxer.
2011-03-23 cehoyosVDPAU does not support colourspaces different from...
2011-03-23 cehoyosSupport CrystalHD decoding.
2011-03-22 compnadd xd55 isom for mpeg2 video from fcp
2011-03-21 ibInitialize guiIntfStruct.VCDTracks.
2011-03-21 ibRemove unused variable vcd_track.
2011-03-21 ibCorrect VCD's titles menu.
2011-03-21 ibCorrect next track button functionality for VCDs.
2011-03-21 ibStart vcd:// with first title when hitting play button.
2011-03-21 ibReplace vcd_seek_to_track() by stream_control().
2011-03-21 cehoyosAllow compilation after sine windows were moved into...
2011-03-20 siretartmake buildlogs in debian/ubuntu buildlogs verbose
2011-03-20 siretartunbreak compilation with libav
2011-03-19 reimarFFmpeg's AC-3 decoder will do byte-swapping on its...
2011-03-18 jrashsync with en/mplayer.1 rev. 33082
2011-03-17 cehoyosAllow setting custom http header.
2011-03-14 cehoyosOutput ID_DVD_VOLUME_ID also for dvdnav://.
2011-03-13 diegoSimplify sed expressions to remove groups of decoders...
2011-03-12 diegoAdd CONFIG_AC3DSP to config.mak for FFmpeg; fix build.
2011-03-12 diegoRevert broken crystalhd check and replace by minimal...
2011-03-12 cehoyosUse fourcc instead of format where appropriate.
2011-03-12 cehoyosSupport 32bit big endian float pcm in aiff.
2011-03-12 cehoyosSupport 'lpcm' in mov files, has audible (clipping...
2011-03-11 iiveMerge the configure CrystalHD dummy detection with
2011-03-11 iiveFix MPlayer build after CrystalHD have been accepted...
2011-03-11 jrashsync with en/mplayer.1 rev. 33064
2011-03-11 ibCosmetic: Format to MPlayer coding style.
2011-03-10 ibCosmetic: Prefer path relative to current directory.
2011-03-10 ibCosmetic: Remove incorrect comment.
2011-03-10 ibCosmetic: Add required include files.
2011-03-10 ibCosmetic: Rename pointers handling current window and...
2011-03-10 ibReplace some awkward and unnecessary usages of strlen().
2011-03-10 ibRemove unused function guiMessageBox().
2011-03-09 cehoyosAdd a command line option -gamma.
2011-03-09 ranmaUse memmove when source and destination can overlap.
2011-03-09 ibMake functions static that are only used inside the...
2011-03-09 cehoyosAdd FourCC ai12 for AVC Intra 100 / 1080.
2011-03-08 ibCosmetic: Adjust indent.
2011-03-08 ibFix several issues with Translate().
2011-03-08 ibChoose informative variable names.
2011-03-08 ibUse double constants for higher precision calculations.
2011-03-08 ibMake slabel work.
2011-03-08 ibCosmetic: Add missing break.
2011-03-08 ibAvoid mixing declaration and code.
2011-03-08 ibReplace ternary operator by more intelligible switch...
2011-03-08 ibRemove needless casts.
2011-03-08 ibCosmetic: Rename macro controlling the dlabel delay.
2011-03-08 ibCosmetic: Format to MPlayer coding style.
2011-03-08 ibMake constants explicitly type float.