2004-05-14 reimarremoved #ifdefs that are already handled by libao2...
2004-05-14 reimargive Y8 and Y800 lower conversion priority to avoid...
2004-05-14 rtognimpSupport audio format 0xff (it's aac)
2004-05-14 rtognimpIf demuxer does not fill codecdata try to get if from...
2004-05-14 diego-ao option removed, there is a AUDIO OUTPUT DRIVERS...
2004-05-14 wightsync
2004-05-13 henryENCA support
2004-05-13 diegoskin authors, alphabetical order
2004-05-13 diegoAUDIO OUTPUT DRIVERS section added.
2004-05-13 diegoAUDIO OUTPUT DRIVER section added, VO section extended...
2004-05-13 diegosegfault fix by Jarrod Johnson <jbj-zl@ura.dnsalias...
2004-05-12 joypingalsa9/1.x merge, now with api_compat-definition
2004-05-12 joypingchanges for alsa9/alsa1.x merge, only alsa.
2004-05-12 michaelsegfault fix
2004-05-12 joypingchanges for alsa9/1.x-merge only alsa
2004-05-12 diegoMark EDL only options as such, typo.
2004-05-12 nplourdeEvent Handling Makeover
2004-05-12 diegocorrect model number
2004-05-12 michaelFFSVQ1 in avi
2004-05-11 diegobetter CVS checkout parameters
2004-05-10 nauj27sync (pre)
2004-05-09 rfelkermore cola for jindrich
2004-05-09 diegoAdd support for a few more Radeons, patch by Nyk Tarr.
2004-05-09 faust310l
2004-05-09 diegotypo
2004-05-09 dannysynced with 1.587, some typo and some word untranslated
2004-05-09 faust3report if the service creation failed
2004-05-09 rfelker1000000l for sig11 without -subcp!!! (and 1l for my...
2004-05-08 reimarremoving useless code, improving readability
2004-05-08 reimarfix bigendian problems (left-right swapped 8bit pcms...
2004-05-08 reimarfixed memory leak and removed unnecessary static variable
2004-05-08 reimarchanges to get manyfmts nearer to working and fixed...
2004-05-08 rtognimpUse roqvideo and roqaudio decoders from libavcodec
2004-05-08 henryENCA support (
2004-05-08 paszczisynced with 1.41
2004-05-07 rtognimpSupport ffmpeg cinepak decoder
2004-05-07 reimaruse fallback for unsupported formats instead of quitting
2004-05-07 diegoCygwin and MinGW now behave similarly with regard to...
2004-05-07 diegomissing spaces
2004-05-07 diegoHint at -playlist option for playing streams.
2004-05-07 diegoclarification
2004-05-07 diegoList Attila as maintainer of a few video out drivers.
2004-05-07 mosuCosmetics. Shortened the "displaying subtitle..." messa...
2004-05-07 nplourdeMore code cleanup
2004-05-07 nplourdeSwitch rgb32 from QD to QT
2004-05-06 faust3Encrypted dvd playback now accepts -dvd-drive e: on...
2004-05-05 mosuBe more verbose and tell the user which subtitle stream...
2004-05-05 rtognimpQt RLE is now in ffmpeg
2004-05-05 michaelextendible frame_code table
2004-05-05 nplourdevo_quartz, yuv related usage
2004-05-05 diegomore credits, names, nicks
2004-05-05 nplourdeDisable live resize for yuv - HW accel bug
2004-05-05 nplourdeCosmetic change std ident style
2004-05-05 nplourdeRemoved unused debug code.
2004-05-04 rtognimpSupport vp6vfw.dll version
2004-05-04 paszczisync
2004-05-04 diegoVIDIX now works on Win32, approved by Sascha.
2004-05-04 diegoHint at diff options useful for avoiding cosmetic chang...
2004-05-04 diegowinvidix documented, alternative ways of specifying...
2004-05-04 diegosubtitles in black bands
2004-05-04 diegounnecessary escape
2004-05-04 diegotypo
2004-05-04 nplourdeAdd yuv csp support
2004-05-04 michaelproposals by rich:
2004-05-03 rtognimp100l for me
2004-05-03 diegolibavformat, realrtsp
2004-05-03 wightsync
2004-05-03 diegoSpelling and wording fixes pointed out by the wanderer.
2004-05-03 diegotypos, wording and mistakes pointed out by the wanderer
2004-05-03 diegospelling, wording, consistency in comments and printed...
2004-05-03 diegospelling, wording sync with cfg-mencoder.h
2004-05-03 diegowrong number, pointed out by Scognito
2004-05-03 diegomore wishes
2004-05-03 diegomissing name
2004-05-03 diegoHint at -mf in mf:// syntax description.
2004-05-03 diegoBlinkenlights section expanded.
2004-05-03 diegodivx --> lavc, spelling, more sensible section name
2004-05-03 diegoObsolet -mf syntax replaced by mf://, based on a patch...
2004-05-02 rtognimpRestore ftp support (was erroneusly disabled while...
2004-05-02 rtognimpEnable cyuv decoder from libavcodec, use it as preferre...
2004-05-02 rtognimpFix hang for some asf video stream like 193.219.139...
2004-05-02 michaelbigendian fix by (Romain Dolbeau <dolbeau at irisa...
2004-05-02 reimarclear buffer after (glX)SwapBuffers in fullscreen to...
2004-05-02 lumagAs pointed by Diego, I forgot this.
2004-05-02 michaelnicer startcode before keyframe rule
2004-05-01 rtognimpFix url escaping and avoid double escape
2004-05-01 rtognimpTry to get an asf file with normal http protocol if...
2004-05-01 diego-adapter is not directx specific anymore.
2004-05-01 diegovo_directx now supports keepaspect.
2004-05-01 faust3keepaspect support, tryed to clean up DirectxManageDisp...
2004-05-01 rfelkermore stupid crap
2004-05-01 rfelkerthis isn't actually stupid, but it's not valid C and...
2004-05-01 rfelker10l
2004-05-01 rfelkerok this one is beyond stupid. the code didn't even...
2004-05-01 reimarGUI support
2004-05-01 lumagSync, update my email.
2004-05-01 henry10000000000l twisted typecasting
2004-05-01 michaellimits too small, my CBR mp3 samples have 2x overhead...
2004-05-01 rfelkermore lvalue casts, ugly this time
2004-05-01 rfelkermore lvalue casts