2012-02-11 reimarOptimize midentify script to not wasted time filling...
2012-02-11 reimarSupport -noborder with SDL.
2012-02-10 ibPrefer static const char arrays for string constants...
2012-02-10 ibSimplify character array definition.
2012-02-10 ibDon't destroy list pointers while saving list items.
2012-02-10 ibAdjust content of GUI configuration file to MPlayer...
2012-02-10 ibShow option save error in message box.
2012-02-10 ibUse macro FF_ARRAY_ELEMS() instead of numeric constant.
2012-02-10 ibRemove unnecessary variable definition and commented...
2012-02-10 ibDon't unnecessarily use gstrdup().
2012-02-09 ibPrevent reading empty lines.
2012-02-09 ibCosmetic: Adjust indent.
2012-02-09 ibPrevent out-of-bounds array access of fsHistory.
2012-02-09 ibCosmetic: Adjust indent.
2012-02-09 ibCheck for playlist errors (path, but no file).
2012-02-09 ibCosmetic: Adjust indent.
2012-02-09 ibCheck for allocation error.
2012-02-09 ibSimplify end-of-file detection.
2012-02-09 ibMove buffer at top of function and rename it.
2012-02-09 ibFix history file read-only fopen mode.
2012-02-09 ibCosmetic: Change some variable names.
2012-02-09 ibIn case of a GUI config error, exit MPlayer with error.
2012-02-09 ibReplace string constants by symbolic constants.
2012-02-09 ibUpdate dates in man pages.
2012-02-09 ibFix German translation of MSGTR_MemAllocFailed.
2012-02-07 cehoyosSupport RGB48 tiff decoding.
2012-02-07 cehoyosSupport displaying 64bit RGB via OpenGL.
2012-02-07 cehoyosUse 128 instead of 64 to define non-native RGB image...
2012-02-07 cehoyosX11 non-native RGB/BGR "emulation" only works for 32bit.
2012-02-07 siretartAdd missing libavutil #include.
2012-02-07 siretartenable radio support, addresses
2012-02-07 cigaesbuild: fix lavfi dependencies (swscale and swresample).
2012-02-06 siretartUpdate deprecated avcodec_alloc_context()/avcodec_open...
2012-02-05 cehoyosSupport v408 and AYUV decoding via FFmpeg.
2012-02-03 iiveWorkaround a bug in Pulse Audio (
2012-02-03 reimarFix format string for -a52drc option.
2012-02-03 ibAdd some missing #includes to cfg.c.
2012-02-03 ibMake cfg_read() and cfg_write() void functions.
2012-02-03 ibAdd fgetstr() to read from files without end-of-line...
2012-02-02 compnadd media-100 qtx binary codec
2012-02-02 komhFix bpp for IMGFMT_BGR32
2012-02-02 komhAdd VMAN-backend supports
2012-02-02 komhAdd IMGFMT_BGR32 supports
2012-01-31 ibEmphasize the default audio track in the selection...
2012-01-31 compnadd jps / pns image formats, sync'd from ffmpeg
2012-01-30 reimarFix -pphelp to work with new libpostprocess API.
2012-01-29 reimarsdl: do not change caption on -wid windows.
2012-01-29 reimarSupport -wid for vo_sdl.
2012-01-28 reimarFix another case where opt.h was included from libavcod...
2012-01-28 reimarDo not try to render \r.
2012-01-28 reimarDo not apply writing order via fribidi when libass...
2012-01-28 reimarUpdate config.asm generation to work with latest FFmpeg.
2012-01-28 reimarTranslate level-based to flag-based error recognition...
2012-01-28 reimaropt.h is now in libavutil.
2012-01-28 reimarSome hacks to allow stream_ffmpeg to compile against...
2012-01-28 reimarSwitch to avcodec_alloc_context3.
2012-01-28 reimarSet memc_only via AVDictionary.
2012-01-28 reimarOnly set "seekable", not "is_streamed" for compatibilit...
2012-01-28 reimarUse avformat_new_stream.
2012-01-28 reimarSet muxrate and preload via AVDictionary.
2012-01-28 reimarRemove pointless casts.
2012-01-28 reimarRemove pointless cast.
2012-01-28 reimarUse "seekable" instead of is_streamed.
2012-01-28 reimarDo not set stream_copy, it has not been used in FFmpeg...
2012-01-28 reimarRemove ifdefs that have been unnecessary since a long...
2012-01-28 reimarSet UMV flag via AVDictionary.
2012-01-28 reimarGet rid of nonsense usage of CODEC_FLAG_PART.
2012-01-28 reimarUse AVDictionary to set data_partitioning.
2012-01-28 reimarFix avcodec_open2 options argument.
2012-01-28 reimarUse AV_PICTURE_TYPE_I.
2012-01-28 reimarReuse init_avcodec function.
2012-01-28 reimarReplace deprecated/removed av_close_input_stream.
2012-01-28 reimarReplace deprecated av_set_int.
2012-01-28 reimarReplace deprecated/removed AV_METADATA_IGNORE_SUFFIX.
2012-01-28 reimarRemove some nonsensical uses of CODEC_FLAG_PART.
2012-01-28 reimarUse AVDictionary to set some special options.
2012-01-28 reimarpalctrl exists no longer and has been unused a long...
2012-01-28 reimarSwitch to using AV_PICTURE_TYPE.
2012-01-28 reimarRemove unused AVFrame "age" handling code.
2012-01-28 cboeschFix "ouput" typo in vf framestep.
2012-01-27 ibFix bug with selected file in file selector.
2012-01-27 ibCosmetic: Rename variables.
2012-01-27 jrashSynced with help_mp-en.h rev. 34569
2012-01-27 ibFix skin PNG read errors.
2012-01-26 cehoyosFix compilation with --disable-networking.
2012-01-25 cehoyosAdd missing image formats to the ffv1 decoder.
2012-01-24 cehoyosSupport 32-bit sunrast playback via FFmpeg.
2012-01-24 cehoyosSupport 32-bit sgi playback via FFmpeg.
2012-01-24 cehoyosRemove unused image formats from fftga output format...
2012-01-24 cehoyosFix 32-bit targa playback with current FFmpeg on big...
2012-01-24 cehoyosReplace incorrect output format list with the only...
2012-01-24 cehoyosFix 32-bit png playback with current FFmpeg.
2012-01-24 cehoyosRemove unused image formats from ffpng output format...
2012-01-24 cehoyosRemove unused image formats from ffpcx output format...
2012-01-24 cehoyosRemove unused image formats from ffgif output format...
2012-01-24 cehoyosFix 32-bit dpx playback on big-endian.
2012-01-24 cehoyosRemove unused image formats from fftiff output format...
2012-01-24 cehoyosFix 32-bit tiff playback on big-endian.
2012-01-23 cehoyosAllow motionpixels playback on little endian.
2012-01-22 compndemux_mf: add j2c and jpc as jpeg2k, add tiff extension...