2019-06-08 michaelAdd CPiA master
2017-03-30 michaelAdded HEVC and Opus FourCCs to nut4cc.txt
2017-03-30 michaeldocs/nut4cc: Add floating point rawvideo support
2016-02-09 michaeldocs/nut4cc: Add 1,2,4,8 bit Paletted rawvideo
2015-01-29 michaelnut4cc: add WavPack
2015-01-20 michaelnut4cc: Add Closed caption ATSC c608
2014-11-24 michaelnut4cc: Add XFAC to nut4cc.txt
2014-06-19 michaelnut4cc: add GIF fourcc
2014-04-30 michaelnut4cc: add tag for RFC 3389
2014-02-22 michaeladd Bayer 4cc
2014-01-04 michaelnut: per frame side and meta data support
2013-12-24 michaelnut: add a minor version field
2013-11-09 michaellibnut: fix Doxygen warnings
2013-11-09 michaellibnut: fix building on i686-pc-mingw32
2013-10-20 michaelnut4cc: add XYZ 4cc
2013-07-22 michaelAdd definition and some examples for planar GBR fourCCs.
2012-08-20 michaelnut4cc: add DVB teletet fourcc.
2012-02-09 michaelAdds missing pix_fmts to nut4cc.txt.
2011-04-22 michaelAdd install section (test commit)
2011-04-21 michaelMake whitespce consistent (test commit)
2011-03-26 michaeladd BGR48 fourccs
2010-06-05 stefanoAdd other rawvideo NUT codec tag entries:
2010-06-04 michaelAdd little endian 64bit rgba.
2010-06-04 michaelAdd rgb12 variants.
2010-05-25 stefanoDescribe a scheme for defining FourCCs for generic...
2010-05-16 stefanoAdd NUT codec tags:
2010-05-16 stefanoMake the link to the specs directly point to Michael...
2010-02-20 michaelClarify what to do with silly specs doing silly things...
2010-02-20 michaelAdd "TargetAudience" metadata/info key
2009-09-18 michaelExplicitly spell out limit for time_base_num
2009-09-17 michaelFix 10l typo in timestamp convertion code.
2009-04-15 michaelClarify which ISO-639-2 codes should be used, the ISO...
2008-12-11 ods15Rename all typedefs from _t to _tt for POSIX compatibility
2008-08-28 michaelClarify that "X-" prefixing applies to names as well...
2008-08-09 ods15Fix libnut muxer to at least put dummy values for heade...
2008-04-26 ods15bug fix in demux_avi.c
2008-03-08 ods15Typo fix, main_flags should be in main header
2008-03-03 michaelBetter phrasing by mans.
2008-03-03 diegotwo more typos
2008-03-03 michaelA few words on how the keyframes could be aligned.
2008-03-03 diegomisc spelling/wording/grammar fixes
2008-03-03 diegomisc spelling/wording fixes
2008-03-03 diegomisc spelling fixes
2008-03-03 michaelclearer
2008-03-03 michaelSome additional words about seeking and keyframes spread.
2008-03-03 michaelRandom Access (seeking) considerations
2008-03-03 michaelDocument EOR.
2008-03-03 michaelbetter fourcc for dvd/dvb
2008-03-03 michael1st try of subtitle ids.
2008-02-29 michaelclarify default
2008-02-29 michaelAdd "default" disposition, matroska supports that too...
2008-02-27 aureladd VP7 fourcc
2008-02-23 michaeltransmit_ts
2008-02-22 lorenmtypo
2008-02-17 michaelClarify how to identify the raw video/audio sample...
2008-02-15 ods15Clarify that frame size includes the elision header...
2008-02-14 michael3rd try of defining a codec frame for raw video.
2008-02-13 michaelmaybe better?
2008-02-13 michaelnon compliant mpeg4 variants
2008-02-13 michaeltypo
2008-02-13 michael"With the specified bounds"
2008-02-13 michaeltypo
2008-02-13 michaelraw video frame definition
2008-02-13 diegoFix some typos.
2008-02-13 cladischfix typo
2008-02-13 michaelIssue pcm-frames solution
2008-02-13 michaelStrict 1 codec frame rule and RAW audio size limit
2008-02-13 michaelIssue stream-chapter-overlap consensus
2008-02-13 michaelIssue pcm-sample-format consensus
2008-02-13 michaelheader elision update
2008-02-13 michaelHeader elision support
2008-02-13 cladischcheck frame code table delta match time restriction
2008-02-13 cladischfix typo
2008-02-13 michaelclarify mp4v
2008-02-13 michaelEnsure that match_time_delta[frame_code] fits in 16bit.
2008-02-13 cladischDo not print the unneeded intermediate value of the...
2008-02-13 cladischFix the nutmerge dependencies to prevent nutmerge.h...
2008-02-12 michaelMention last consensus about raw and stream headers.
2008-02-12 cladischclarify which of the MPEG-4 video codecs is meant
2008-02-12 michaelChoose a 4cc for mpeg4.
2008-02-12 michaelMore about interleaving.
2008-02-12 michaelsimpler
2008-02-12 michaelPCM audio
2008-02-12 michaelfourcc list.
2008-02-12 michael3rd option
2008-02-12 michaelsplit issue
2008-02-12 michaelbetter name
2008-02-12 michaelIssue pcm-sample-format
2008-02-12 michaelI think this makes no sense.
2008-02-11 michael3 more issues which have come up in the past but have...
2008-02-11 michaelMention packet loss.
2008-02-10 diegospelling/wording/grammar
2008-02-10 diegospelling/wording/grammar
2008-02-10 michaelmore cosmetics
2008-02-10 michaellittle cosmetic cleanup
2008-02-10 michaelclearer sentence
2008-02-10 michaelchapter-overlap/gap consensus?
2008-02-10 michaelSame timebase for info packets suggestion.
2008-02-10 michaelFix very bad wording. The original would have if taken...
2008-02-09 michaelmore solutions