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[rtmpdump.git] / librtmp /
2015-12-14 Howard ChuFix AMF3_Decode
2015-12-14 Howard ChuFix AMF3ReadString
2015-12-14 Howard ChuPut loglevel check in RTMP_Log
2015-01-15 Cheolho ParkAdd extended timestamp for Type 3 chunks if necessary
2014-07-07 Martin StorsjoReplace RTMP_PUB_ALLOC with RTMP_LF_FTCU and RTMP_LF_FAPU
2014-07-07 Martin StorsjoSimplify the logic for freeing reused strings in RTMP_Close
2014-07-07 Martin StorsjoSet RTMP_PUB_ALLOC if tcUrl is allocated in PublisherAuth
2014-07-07 Martin StorsjoReconnect directly when authenticating, don't wait...
2014-03-02 Martin PanterExtended timestamp field may be present in type 3 chunk...
2013-12-05 Martin StorsjoFix leaks in AMF objects that contain arrays
2013-12-05 Martin StorsjoFree the extra read buffer if the initial FLV buffer...
2013-12-05 Martin StorsjoCorrect the count of bytes written to the initial FLV...
2013-10-07 Martin StorsjoBump the SO_VERSION to 1
2013-09-23 Martin StorsjoInclude -lgmp in the pkg-config file when building...
2013-09-23 Martin StorsjoInclude the nettle/hogweed crypto libraries in the...
2013-08-15 Martin StorsjoFix limelight authentication with abbreviated app names
2013-08-15 Martin StorsjoDon't do strchr on a string that isn't necessarily...
2013-07-19 Martin StorsjoDon't use non-public gnutls functions
2012-12-30 Martin StorsjoRemove a useless leftover comment
2012-12-30 Martin StorsjoOnly use one challenge value in adobe auth
2012-12-30 Björn AxelssonCorrect the length of base64 digests
2012-12-09 Howard ChuFix b77a7dc719f8b04274db91f6344f4358a78d9c5f
2012-11-09 Howard ChuPolarSSL 1.2.x compat
2012-11-02 Howard ChuFix gnutls build
2012-10-30 Howard ChuPolarSSL version fixes
2012-10-30 Björn AxelssonLook for a fourth slash when splitting the url into...
2012-10-30 Martin StorsjoSimplify initializing the TLS server context
2012-10-30 Howard ChuMore authentication cleanup
2012-10-30 Howard ChuCleanup authentication code
2012-10-30 LRNFix dll name to have SO_VERSION
2012-10-30 Björn AxelssonAdd support for limelight authentication
2012-10-30 Martin StorsjoAdd adobe authentication support
2012-10-30 Martin StorsjoAllocate the channel arrays dynamically
2012-10-30 Martin StorsjoFree skipped packets in RTMP_GetNextMediaPacket
2012-10-30 Martin StorsjoUse CRLF newlines consistently for all HTTP POST headers
2012-10-30 Martin StorsjoRefill if HTTP_read indicated it needs more data
2012-10-30 Martin StorsjoDon't require 144 bytes to be buffered before proceedin...
2012-10-30 Martin StorsjoBuffer more data before returning successfully from...
2012-10-30 Martin StorsjoAdd null termination to buffers before using strstr
2012-10-30 Martin StorsjoAdd functions for doing server side TLS initialization
2012-10-30 Howard ChuCleanup prev commit
2012-10-30 goggle1Handle AMF_ECMA_ARRAY and AMF_STRICT_ARRAY objects
2012-10-30 Matthew GarrettFix socks support for SetupURL
2012-10-30 Howard ChuFix compat with PolarSSL >= 1.1.0
2012-03-09 Howard ChuCleanup prev commit, drop gcrypt support
2012-03-09 Martin StorsjoAdd support for building with gnutls with nettle as...
2012-02-24 Josh AllmannFix upper bound check in AMF_GetProp
2011-12-23 Antti AjankiSupport decoding AMF_XML_DOC
2011-11-15 Martin StorsjoFix mismatched format string conversions
2011-11-15 Martin StorsjoTell gcc about log format strings
2011-11-15 Martin StorsjoFix missing log message parameter
2011-11-08 Howard ChuSpell Referer according to RFC1945
2011-11-07 Jeff JohnsonFix getting swf hash with https URLs
2011-11-07 KSVFix bytes-received report
2011-09-30 Kirill Zorinfixed undefined behaviour due to union assignment
2011-09-25 Howard ChuPolarSSL support now requires version 1.0.0.
2011-08-03 Howard ChuFix <arpa/inet.h> include order
2011-08-02 Chris LarsenUnexpected BW Response Fix
2011-07-29 Scott D. DavillaDarwin dylib updates
2011-07-23 Howard ChuFix MDH_free() for PolarSSL
2011-07-23 Martin StorsjoDon't try to close an already closed socket
2011-07-23 Martin StorsjoCheck the return value from RTMP_SendBytesReceived()
2011-07-22 Martin StorsjoGenerate and install an import lib for the built DLL
2011-07-22 Martin StorsjoCreate the SODIR, too
2011-07-22 Martin StorsjoRemove the generated pkg-config file on make clean
2011-07-22 Howard ChuRegenerate HTML docs, minor tweaks
2011-07-22 toine512Squashed commit of the following:
2011-07-12 Howard ChuVersion bump
2011-07-12 Howard ChuAdd RTMPE type 9 handshake signature
2011-07-11 Howard ChuRevert "Drop back on the handshake version, avoid rtmpe 9"
2011-07-05 Compnadd -shared to mingw ldflags, fixes compilation error
2011-04-07 hycUse symbolic constants for packet types. From Peter...
2011-04-07 hycHandle Play.PublishNotify like Play.Start
2011-03-22 hycFix prev commit
2011-03-19 hycDrop back on the handshake version, avoid rtmpe 9
2011-03-16 hycFix rtmpt read hangs
2011-03-10 hycFix typos in prev commit
2011-03-10 hycAdd Libs.private to pkgconfig for Windows
2011-02-25 hycFix FLV timestamps during resume
2010-12-24 hycFix infinite loop on Error/Close
2010-10-26 hycTimeout fix from Antti Ajanki
2010-10-08 hycLog error message for unsupported SWF Verification...
2010-08-13 hycLess case-sensitive check for Content-length: header
2010-08-13 hycSubstitute libdir in pkgconfig file
2010-08-10 hycMore dynlib tweaks
2010-08-09 hycFixes for Darwin - use dylib, not bundle for shared lib
2010-07-12 hycMacOSX/Darwin shared library flags
2010-07-05 hycUpdate XBOX/XBMC support
2010-07-05 hycRemove obsolete XBOX defs
2010-07-05 hycHide strtime()
2010-07-03 hycUpdate from prev commit
2010-07-03 hycDocument the escape coding used for special characters...
2010-06-30 hyczlib dependency is only when CRYPTO is enabled
2010-06-30 hycDefault to SYS=posix, parent Makefile may not have run
2010-06-30 hycAlso delete shared libs on clean
2010-06-30 hycAdd mingw DLL install support
2010-06-30 hycAdd -lz and MinGW support
2010-06-30 hycBumping version to 2.3 to highlight shared lib support
2010-06-29 hycOnly send CheckBW request once
2010-06-29 hycFix prev commit