Make rtmpdump handle full RTMP URLs with "-i"
[rtmpdump.git] / rtmpdump.c
2012-10-30 Bastien NoceraMake rtmpdump handle full RTMP URLs with "-i"
2012-07-26 Ulrik DickowAdd option --realtime (-R) to rtmpdump to disable the...
2011-11-15 Howard ChuFix log messages
2011-11-08 Howard ChuCheck for malloc failure in prev commit
2011-11-08 Howard ChuCalculate tcUrl length
2011-11-08 Howard ChuIncrease tcUrl buffer size
2011-08-12 Howard ChuAdd RD_NO_CONNECT return code for Connect failures
2011-07-23 Howard ChuPlug potential memleak
2011-07-22 Howard ChuRegenerate HTML docs, minor tweaks
2011-07-22 toine512Squashed commit of the following:
2010-10-26 hycTimeout fix from Antti Ajanki
2010-06-03 hycUpdate FSF address in license notice
2010-06-02 hycKill all use of bool, just use int
2010-05-05 hycDon't use the BufferEmpty toggle trick by default in...
2010-05-02 hycLooks like rtmps doesn't tunnel by default, so add...
2010-04-24 hycAdd support for set_playlist command
2010-04-10 hycRestructure logging, add log callback
2010-04-07 hycDrop #ifdef CRYPTO from rtmp.h; apps have no way to...
2010-03-27 hycOption restructuring, allow most options to be passed...
2010-03-26 hycUse AVal for hostname and sockshost, don't allocate...
2010-03-25 hycAbort on unrecognized options
2010-03-22 hycFix typo
2010-03-18 hycRename AMF_Log -> RTMP_Log, cleanup
2010-03-14 hycAlways send tcUrl
2010-03-14 hycRever -r343, app is not required
2010-03-13 hycapp is a required parameter
2010-03-13 hycUse explicit AMF_debuglevel
2010-03-13 hycConsolidate RTMP_READ booleans
2010-03-13 hycNamespace cleanup
2010-03-12 hycUse RTMP_Read()
2010-03-10 hycCache initial packets, don't write header till we know...
2010-03-10 hycRework WriteStream arguments
2010-03-10 hycFix default ports
2010-03-09 hycRTMPE is now protocol #2, not #3
2010-03-08 hycMove Default flashVer into library, let SetupStream...
2010-03-08 hycC++ compat, move parseurl to librtmp
2010-03-04 hycFix typos
2010-03-04 hycMove librtmp to separate directory, relicense as LGPL
2010-02-21 hycLog a final status update when stopping
2010-02-11 hycFix audio resume bug
2010-01-19 hycAllow zero swfAge to force HTTP check every time
2010-01-19 hycAdd ctim to ~/.swfinfo, recording the last time we...
2010-01-09 hycFix typo in comment
2010-01-09 hycFix typo
2010-01-09 hycAlso support NULL for --conn parameters
2010-01-09 hycNotes for connect params
2010-01-09 hycAdd --conn|-C option to append arbitrary AMF data to...
2010-01-08 hycFallback to Reconnect if ToggleStream didn't work,...
2010-01-06 hycapp is parsed from url
2010-01-05 hycFix typo
2010-01-05 hycAdd optional packet param to RTMP_Connect(); rtmpsuck...
2010-01-04 hycUpdates for 2.1b
2010-01-03 hycFix typo
2010-01-03 hycFix bufferSize in resume
2009-12-31 hycSilence warning
2009-12-31 hycRefactor a bit for WIN32 compatibility
2009-12-30 hycAdd 'ask' param back to HashSWF, expose HandlePacket...
2009-12-30 hycPrep for 2.1; use Referrer in HashSWF
2009-12-30 hycRename SWFVerify() to RTMP_HashSWF(), rename swfvfy...
2009-12-29 hycAdd "ask" param, don't talk to HTTP server if we alread...
2009-12-29 hycDrop libcurl stuff
2009-12-28 hycAdd note about automatic SWF verification
2009-12-28 hycAutomate SWF verification, use -W instead of -s
2009-12-26 hycSecureToken support
2009-12-22 hycChange AMF_Encode* APIs to include buffer end checking...
2009-12-20 hycMinor cleanup
2009-12-17 hycMore namespace cleanup
2009-12-17 hycMinGW portability fixes
2009-12-16 hycDrop C++ from Makefile