Rename AMF_Log -> RTMP_Log, cleanup
[rtmpdump.git] / Makefile
2010-03-18 hycRename AMF_Log -> RTMP_Log, cleanup
2010-03-17 hycRemainder of gnutls support
2010-03-10 hycNotes for 2.2a
2010-03-09 hycPreliminary support for SSL
2010-03-08 hycC++ compat, move parseurl to librtmp
2010-03-06 hycCleanup ARM example
2010-03-04 hycCleanup
2010-03-04 hycMove librtmp to separate directory, relicense as LGPL
2010-03-04 hycRenamed streams program to rtmpgw
2010-03-03 hycMove rtmp.o, amf.o, log.o, hashswf.o to librtmp.a
2010-02-21 hycPartial revert of prev commit
2010-02-21 hycv2.1d updates
2010-02-11 hycFrom Antti Ajanki: expose http_get()
2010-01-26 hycDrop osx-specific rules. Don't mention cygwin or any...
2010-01-08 hycChanges for 2.1c
2010-01-05 hycRestore 'v' that was dropped from version by mistake
2010-01-04 hycUpdates for 2.1b
2009-12-31 hycMove thread support to its own files
2009-12-31 hycMore cleanup for mingw
2009-12-31 hycCleanup
2009-12-31 hycRefactor a bit for WIN32 compatibility
2009-12-30 hycRename SWFVerify() to RTMP_HashSWF(), rename swfvfy...
2009-12-29 hycDrop libcurl stuff
2009-12-29 hycAdd transparent proxy server, work in progress.
2009-12-28 hycAutomate SWF verification, use -W instead of -s
2009-12-22 hycAdd dummy RTMP server. Doesn't serve any data, just...
2009-12-17 hycMore cleanup
2009-12-17 hycConvert streams to C
2009-12-17 hycMore namespace cleanup
2009-12-16 hycHide DH helpers
2009-12-16 hycMove bytes.c functions out of main namespace
2009-12-16 hycDrop C++ from Makefile
2009-12-16 hycUse trunk for main development