Add extended timestamp for Type 3 chunks if necessary
[rtmpdump.git] / rtmpsrv.c
2012-10-30 Martin StorsjoSupport rtmps in rtmpsrv
2012-10-30 Martin StorsjoReplace hardcoded constants and comments with proper...
2012-10-30 Martin StorsjoAllocate the RTMP struct dynamically
2012-02-24 Joshua AllmannRemove extra object end tag in Connect reply
2011-11-15 Howard ChuFix log messages
2011-08-09 Howard ChuFix AVreplace for usherToken
2011-07-31 Howard ChuCleanup previous commit
2011-07-31 KSVJustin.TV usherToken detection
2011-07-22 Howard ChuRegenerate HTML docs, minor tweaks
2011-07-22 toine512Squashed commit of the following:
2011-04-07 hycUse symbolic constants for packet types. From Peter...
2011-03-14 hycBump up play command buffer sizes
2010-06-27 hycCheck for duplicate invocations
2010-06-06 hycAlways use .flv extension for output
2010-06-03 hycUpdate FSF address in license notice
2010-06-02 hycKill all use of bool, just use int
2010-04-24 hycFix whitespace
2010-04-24 hycFix: if playpath begins with '?' just use the remainder
2010-03-25 hycChild process must exit if exec failed. (exec should...
2010-03-23 hycdelete packet->m_nInfoField1, it's just the timestamp
2010-03-18 hycRename AMF_Log -> RTMP_Log, cleanup
2010-03-14 hycPartial revert of prev commit, not needed
2010-03-14 hycAlways send tcUrl
2010-03-13 hycUse explicit AMF_debuglevel
2010-03-13 hycNamespace cleanup
2010-03-08 hycCleanup m_sb compat macros
2010-03-08 hycDrop log.h from rtmp.h
2010-03-04 hycMove librtmp to separate directory, relicense as LGPL
2010-03-04 hycFix Play/Stop responses
2010-02-26 hycAccount for quotes in cmd string
2010-02-21 hycPortability fixes
2010-02-21 hycFix typo
2010-02-21 hycSpawn rtmpdump directly, don't just print the cmdline
2010-02-20 hycDerive output name from playpath. (Code copied from...
2010-01-09 hycrtmpdump params should be printed on stdout
2010-01-09 hycUse double quotes instead of single quotes for output
2010-01-09 hycAlso support NULL for --conn parameters
2010-01-09 hycAdd --conn|-C option to append arbitrary AMF data to...
2010-01-08 hycFormat rtmpsrv output as an rtmpdump commandline for...
2010-01-04 hycUpdates for 2.1b
2010-01-04 hycHandle getStreamLength
2009-12-31 hycMore thread cleanup
2009-12-31 hycMove thread support to its own files
2009-12-31 hycMore cleanup
2009-12-31 hycRefactor a bit for WIN32 compatibility
2009-12-30 hycPrep for 2.1; use Referrer in HashSWF
2009-12-28 hycRestore Windows compatibility patches
2009-12-26 hycSecureToken support
2009-12-22 hycLog client's destination IP address, in case it was...
2009-12-22 hycAllow AMF3 encoding
2009-12-22 hycAdd dummy RTMP server. Doesn't serve any data, just...