Add extended timestamp for Type 3 chunks if necessary
[rtmpdump.git] / rtmpsuck.c
2011-11-15 Howard ChuFix log messages
2011-04-07 hycUse symbolic constants for packet types. From Peter...
2011-04-07 hycHandle multiple sessions at once (ugly)
2010-06-03 hycUpdate FSF address in license notice
2010-06-02 hycKill all use of bool, just use int
2010-04-24 hycRestructure Link booleans into bitflags
2010-04-24 hycFix: if playpath begins with '?' just use the remainder
2010-03-27 hycOption restructuring, allow most options to be passed...
2010-03-26 hycUse AVal for hostname and sockshost, don't allocate...
2010-03-22 hycCheck for valid socket before setting in fdset
2010-03-21 hycMore fixes due to -r369
2010-03-18 hycRename AMF_Log -> RTMP_Log, cleanup
2010-03-13 hycUse explicit AMF_debuglevel
2010-03-13 hycNamespace cleanup
2010-03-08 hycCleanup m_sb compat macros
2010-03-08 hycDrop log.h from rtmp.h
2010-03-04 hycMove librtmp to separate directory, relicense as LGPL
2010-02-25 hycFix SEGV when swfUrl is NULL
2010-02-16 hycDon't advance to next file if playlist has only one...
2010-01-19 hycAdd ctim to ~/.swfinfo, recording the last time we...
2010-01-18 hycLog BytesReceived reports from client
2010-01-16 hycDon't send our own byte counts, the real client will
2010-01-09 hycClose both connections on cleanup
2010-01-09 hycSkip leading dot in filenames
2010-01-07 hycFixed per-chunk sending
2010-01-07 hycPartially revert -r200, per-chunk sending is fragile...
2010-01-06 hycMore cleanup
2010-01-06 hycSimplify playlist handling
2010-01-06 hycRelay data in chunks instead of full packets, to reduce...
2010-01-06 hycDon't try to close server->socket multiple times
2010-01-05 hycAdd optional packet param to RTMP_Connect(); rtmpsuck...
2010-01-04 hycUpdates for 2.1b
2010-01-04 hycCleanup filename some more, close immediately if client...
2010-01-04 hycClose the session on close request
2010-01-02 hycCleanup CRYPTO dependencies
2010-01-02 hycZap colons in playpath
2010-01-02 hycFix: handle auth parameters in connect request
2009-12-31 hycMore thread cleanup
2009-12-31 hycMove thread support to its own files
2009-12-31 hycRefactor a bit for WIN32 compatibility
2009-12-30 hycHashSWF(,ask)
2009-12-30 hycAdd 'ask' param back to HashSWF, expose HandlePacket...
2009-12-30 hycFix prev commit
2009-12-30 hycPrep for 2.1; use Referrer in HashSWF
2009-12-30 hycRename SWFVerify() to RTMP_HashSWF(), rename swfvfy...
2009-12-30 hycStrip unused stuff, close output file on Netstream...
2009-12-29 hycAdd -z option to enable debug
2009-12-29 hycChange chunksize as needed, don't talk to HTTP server...
2009-12-29 hycDrop libcurl stuff
2009-12-29 hycAdd transparent proxy server, work in progress.