Add 'ask' param back to HashSWF, expose HandlePacket as RTMP_ClientPacket
[rtmpdump.git] / rtmpdump.c
2009-12-30 hycAdd 'ask' param back to HashSWF, expose HandlePacket...
2009-12-30 hycPrep for 2.1; use Referrer in HashSWF
2009-12-30 hycRename SWFVerify() to RTMP_HashSWF(), rename swfvfy...
2009-12-29 hycAdd "ask" param, don't talk to HTTP server if we alread...
2009-12-29 hycDrop libcurl stuff
2009-12-28 hycAdd note about automatic SWF verification
2009-12-28 hycAutomate SWF verification, use -W instead of -s
2009-12-26 hycSecureToken support
2009-12-22 hycChange AMF_Encode* APIs to include buffer end checking...
2009-12-20 hycMinor cleanup
2009-12-17 hycMore namespace cleanup
2009-12-17 hycMinGW portability fixes
2009-12-16 hycDrop C++ from Makefile