2009-12-30 hycFix prev commit
2009-12-30 hycPrep for 2.1; use Referrer in HashSWF
2009-12-30 hycRename SWFVerify() to RTMP_HashSWF(), rename swfvfy...
2009-12-30 hycStrip unused stuff, close output file on Netstream...
2009-12-30 hycNotes about rtmpsuck.
2009-12-29 hycAdd -z option to enable debug
2009-12-29 hycWrite headers for 0-length packets
2009-12-29 hycMore fixes for SendPacket channels
2009-12-29 hycUse m_outChunkSize
2009-12-29 hycChange chunksize as needed, don't talk to HTTP server...
2009-12-29 hycAdd "ask" param, don't talk to HTTP server if we alread...
2009-12-29 hycAdd separate in/out chunk size, fix channels in SendPac...
2009-12-29 hycMake LogHexString() more usable, add DEBUG2 level
2009-12-29 hycDrop libcurl stuff
2009-12-29 hycCheck for fopen failing
2009-12-29 hycFix prev commit
2009-12-29 hycAdd transparent proxy server, work in progress.
2009-12-29 hycExpose RTMP_SendCtrl, tweak RTMPPacket_Alloc to reserve...
2009-12-29 hycStrip trailing params from swfurl in saved copy
2009-12-28 hycNote that Curl and Zlib are now required
2009-12-28 hycAdd note about automatic SWF verification
2009-12-28 hycAutomate SWF verification, use -W instead of -s
2009-12-28 hycRestore Windows compatibility patches
2009-12-28 hycAdd note about rtmpsrv
2009-12-27 hycIgnore zero-length packets during connect
2009-12-27 hycAdd missing notices
2009-12-26 hycCleanup, comments on TEA
2009-12-26 hycFix typo in r114
2009-12-26 hycSecureToken support
2009-12-26 hycMinor cleanup
2009-12-24 hycFix typo in verifying client signature
2009-12-24 hycFix typo in retrieving client digestpos
2009-12-22 hycLog client's destination IP address, in case it was...
2009-12-22 hycs/server/peer/ now that we support both sides
2009-12-22 hycAllow AMF3 encoding
2009-12-22 hycAdd dummy RTMP server. Doesn't serve any data, just...
2009-12-22 hycChange AMF_Encode* APIs to include buffer end checking...
2009-12-22 hycAdded server-side handshaking. Will probably split...
2009-12-21 hycSilence spurious warning
2009-12-21 hycRestructure, always send 2nd handshake packet before...
2009-12-20 hycMinor cleanup
2009-12-18 hycAllow longer URLs for subscribepath
2009-12-18 hycAlways log Invokes, even if we don't exepct a _result
2009-12-17 hycFix whitespace in debug
2009-12-17 hycWin32 thread support
2009-12-17 hycReindent
2009-12-17 hycMore cleanup
2009-12-17 hycConvert streams to C
2009-12-17 hycNotes for 2.0
2009-12-17 hycMore namespace cleanup
2009-12-17 hycMore MinGW stuff
2009-12-17 hycMinGW portability fixes
2009-12-16 hycPlug memory leaks
2009-12-16 hycHide DH helpers
2009-12-16 hycMove bytes.c functions out of main namespace
2009-12-16 hycDrop C++ from Makefile
2009-12-16 hycRemove C++ code from trunk
2009-12-16 hycMove new C code to trunk
2009-12-16 hycUse trunk for main development
2009-12-16 hycSplit off a tags directory for release tagging