2009-12-16 hycMerge r62 and r63 into 1.x branch 1.x
2009-12-16 hycMove original C++ code to 1.x branch
2009-12-16 hycMove the original code to 1.x branch
2009-12-16 hycrtmplite hangs if we wait for it to talk first 1.x@63
2009-12-16 hycrtmplite crashes without objectEncoding
2009-12-16 hycRewrite in C, still buggy
2009-12-14 hycFix prev commit 1.x@60
2009-12-09 hycFix SendRTMP, just use default chunksize on writes
2009-12-02 hycNotes for 1.9a
2009-11-23 hycremove 'not yet supported' comment for rtmpe
2009-11-22 hycJust ignore SIGPIPE, MSG_NOSIGNAL is Linux-specific
2009-11-20 hycflvstreamer bug#107134 stop streaming for onFCUnsubscribe
2009-11-20 hycflvstreamer bug#107134, don't retry live streams
2009-11-15 hycFix auth encoding, partial revert of r12
2009-11-14 hycUpdate date, release 1.9
2009-11-12 hyccleanup unused var
2009-11-12 hycUse pause/unpause for FMS 3.0 as well
2009-11-12 hycRemove _DEBUG define, delete exe's on make clean
2009-11-12 hycMinor cleanup, experimental Reconnect approach. Seems...
2009-11-12 hycFixed pause/resume synch
2009-11-11 hycFix _checkbw processing
2009-11-11 hycFix _checkbw processing
2009-11-10 hycRemove obsolete get_iplayer reference, mention auto...
2009-11-10 hycMore cleanup
2009-11-10 hycMore memory cleanup
2009-11-10 hycFix double-free, uninit'd vars
2009-11-10 hycAdd '#' option
2009-11-10 hycDiscard old frames when doing pause/resume
2009-11-10 hycExperimental retry: use pause/unpause when buffer is...
2009-11-10 hycCleanup
2009-11-10 hycRevert -r33, try to match transaction IDs
2009-11-09 hycMinor cleanup, s/Ping/Ctrl, only Ctrl type 6 is an...
2009-11-09 hycHashes should use LogStatus() too
2009-11-09 hycMore fixes for auto-retry
2009-11-07 hycUpdate make instructions. Update to 1.9
2009-11-07 hycflvstreamer 1.9 changes, all-purpose Makefile. Please...
2009-11-07 hycsync with flvstreamer 1.9, with additional cleanups
2009-11-07 hycCleanup unneeded Stop checks
2009-11-07 hycFix -r21
2009-11-07 hycFLV Ints seem to always be unsigned
2009-11-06 hycSync again with flvstreamer 1.8: handle files >2GB...
2009-11-06 hycMissing sockshost param
2009-11-06 hycPortability fixes for SOCKS support
2009-11-06 hycFrom Antti Ajanki: pass name by reference
2009-11-06 hycSet stdout to binary mode for WIN32
2009-11-06 hycFrom Antti Ajanki: split parseurl function, handle...
2009-11-02 hycSOCKS4 support
2009-11-02 hycSOCKS4 support from Monsieur Video
2009-10-31 hycUpdated rtmp API
2009-10-31 hycUpdate ChangeLog, misc stuff
2009-10-31 hycVersion updates
2009-10-31 hycSanity check - use the actual stream ID for buffertime...
2009-10-31 hycOops, don't need m_ctrl_sid any more
2009-10-31 hycFix m_methodCalls state machine, fixed auto-resume
2009-10-30 hycPartial merge from RTMPDump-YLE: fix buffer overruns...
2009-10-30 hycLinux doesn't need -lssl
2009-10-30 hycParametrize Makefile, get rid of other Makefiles
2009-10-30 hycPortability fixes: change some sources to plain C,...
2009-10-11 diegoAdd non-official diff, fixes streams with >64 channels.
2009-10-09 diegoAdd Cygwin Makefile.
2009-10-09 diegoImport rtmpdump v1.6.
2009-10-09 diegoImport rtmpdump v1.5a.
2009-10-09 diegoImport rtmpdump v1.5.
2009-10-09 diegoRemove get_ scripts from the tree for the moment.
2009-10-09 diegoImport rtmpdump v1.4.
2009-10-09 diegoImport rtmpdump v1.3d.